Ky Voter Newsletters

One of the key ways the LWV of KY communicates with our members is via our newsletter, The Kentucky e-Voter and occasional updates. League members receive this newsletter and back issues are accessible via our website.


Dec 2019 KY VOTER

Fall 2019 KY VOTER


KY VOTER Spring 2019 and Call to Convention

2019 Convention Registration Form (corrected)


Winter 2019 Kentucky Voter

Kentucky Voter December 2018

Addenda to Dec 2018 VOTER; Report from Interim Committee on State Govt, Oct 2018

and List of 20 Louisville-area Suffragists

Kentucky Voter Spring 2018

2018 LWVKY Council Reg Form

Kentucky Voter Winter 2018

Kentucky Voter Fall 2017

Kentucky Voter Spring 2017

2017 Convention Agenda and Registration Form and March 3 Legislative Update

KY Voter Winter 2017

Ky Voter Fall 2016

Ky Voter Summer 2016

Addendum to Summer 2016 Voter, “Let’s Clean up the Campaign Finance Me$$,”  outlining the NEW LWVUS position on Money in Politics

Ky Voter Winter/Spring 2016

2016 Call to Council: Agenda & Registration Form

LWVKY Update February 2016

Ky Voter FALL 2015

Ky Voter Summer 2015

Ky Voter MAR 2015  and  2015 KY LWV Convention Registration Form

February  2015

January 2014 

March 2014 and Call to Council

November 2014

September 2013    Health Care Report Supplement

Spring 2013    Convention Registration Form

January 2013

Spring 2012

Winter 2012

September 2011

April 2011

Winter 2011


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