State League submits Charter School recommendations

October 23, 2017

The Kentucky League of Women Voters sent a letter to Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt and Secretary of Education Hal Heiner cautioning them about implementation of charter schools and recommending use of Annenberg guidelines outlined in “Public Accountability for Charter schools: Standards and Policy Recommendations for Effective Oversight.” A story in the Bowling Green Daily News tells the story.

Civics Education Study

August 28, 2013

Help the LWV save American Democracy

The League of Women Voters (LWV) was founded with the purposes of defending voting rights and educating voters believing that an informed citizenry is essential for successful democracy. Kentucky League members will begin evaluating civics education in Kentucky schools this fall. Each Kentucky League will discuss and attempt to find consensus on 10 study questions that will establish League expectations for civics education. This first phase of the study asks about the role of Schools in Civic Education and what Kentucky students should be learning. It is important that all League members (who possibly can) participate in making the decisions. Please contact your League for times and places. The discussion is part of the study process. Please click here for more information, including the consensus questions and study resources.