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How To Become a League Member
What is a League Member?

Benefits of Membership

How to Get Started

How to Join

What is a League Member?

Any person who subscribes to the purposes and policies of the League is welcome to become a member.  Although our history and our official name might suggest otherwise, many of our members are men.

There are three categories of membership.

  • Voting members are U.S. citizens who are at least 16 years of age and who reside within the United States, a territory or an associated commonwealth.  They are voting  members of local Leagues, state Leagues and the LWVUS.
  • At-Large Members are state residents who live outside the area of a local League and have not joined a local League.  They pay their dues to the state League.
  • Associate members are all other members.

Life members are those who make a lump sum life membership payment to the LWVUS and/or those who have been League members for 50 years or more.  Life members are excused from paying dues.

For more information about membership contact: or 502-875-6481.

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Benefits of membership

League membership:

  • Provides you with information on issues, candidates and government
  • Offers you experience in leadership, lobbying and research
  • Puts you in touch with community leaders, legislators and leadership officials
  • Introduces you to a network of interesting, involved people
  • Helps you become a knowledgeable and competent member of your community

The State League provides all Kentucky members a subscription to its newsletter The Kentucky Voter.  Members also are entitled to all benefits offered by the local and national League.

As a League member you have the responsibility to:

  • Support League with money, time and talents at a level in keeping with your personal circumstances
  • Respond to requests for ideas and feedback
  • Resolve to do your part to protect and improve democracy

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How to Get Started

Find the local League nearest you.  Talk to members.  Attend a League function.  Find out about upcoming events.  Ask to be reminded of events.  Offer to help in some way.  Then take that step and become a member.

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How to Join

Each local League has its own procedure for becoming a member.  Contact your local League to see if they use a form for new members to fill out or see if you can join online.

To join at the state level as a Kentucky At Large Member, complete this form and mail it with member dues to Kentucky LWV, 115 S. Ewing Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. Contact us for more information: or 502-875-6481.

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