Fall 2012 Kentucky Voter Newsletter

Please click here to view the entire newsletter.

From the Co-Presidents:

The League of Women Voters Kentucky has made several changes as we begin the new year. The board decided to close the Frankfort office as a money-saving effort and move our mailing address to the Louisville LWV offices at Lang House, 115 South Ewing Ave, Louisville. The state League will pay a small fee to store materials and pay their part time staff assistant to send state mail to appropriate officers, reducing our budget by about $3200. To date, the plan is working well. The board also decided with the office move to hold board meetings in different locations this year. Members are always welcome to attend state board meetings and we especially encourage your attendance when we are in your community. (See the LWV Calendar of Events on page 4.) We know local Leagues are busy planning candidate forums or meet and greets giving citizens more information as they vote this fall. Many Leagues tape your events and air them on local cable channels. This is an important service to your community and we appreciate your efforts. We hope each League will participate in the Civics Education and Juvenile Drug Court studies. We had a conversation at council about using these studies to promote the League as we interact in our communities. (See Council report for more details.) Both have been extended through fall 2013. LWV US reports that several Leagues are moving to a leadership ‘management team’ model and we got word that Hardin County LWV is operating by committee this year. Although the three of us are officially co-presidents, we consider ourselves to be your management team. Feel free to contact any of us with questions or concerns.
Tammy Fagley, Cindy Heine, Cecile Schubert

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